Why can’t you mix Adipex and alcohol?

Mixing appetite suppressant Adipex with alcohol is not recommended for a variety of reasons. In this article some of these reasons are discussed.

Adipex and alcohol – effects on nervous system
Adipex medication affects central nervous system directly by suppressing the brain parts that are responsible for appetite control. However, while some functions are suppressed, others are stimulated. Pharmacological mechanism of Adipex is similar to the one of amphetamine, though unlike the latter Adipex does not cause euphoria, it enhances energy. In particular, while taking Adipex diet pills some patients reported being less tired and more tolerant to intensive exercise.

Alcohol, in contrast, suppresses the main functions of central nervous system. High doses of alcohol alter perception of reality and slow down reaction and mental processing. The mechanisms of Adipex and alcohol are different, so simultaneous consumption of these can result in negative drug interaction. In particular, a patient who drinks alcohol while taking Adipex can experience such symptoms of intoxication as nausea, emesis, seizures, mental confusion and hallucinations.

Adipex, alcohol and dieting
For maximum weight loss patients who take Adipex are recommended to change their eating behavior. Healthier food choices contribute not only to weight loss, but to general well-being mend as well. Adipex pills suppress appetite and thus provide easier adoption to food restrictions. In addition, adipex enhances metabolism and thus speeds up weight loss.

Calorie restriction is one of the main requirements for obesity treatment. That is why it must be taken into account, that alcohol drinks are reach in calories. For instance, 100 g of whiskey contain 220 calories, sweet liquor contains up to 350 calories, while dry wine – up to 85 calories. Thus, a few glasses of wine may contain more than a half of recommended daily intake of calories. What is more, alcohol is likely to cause hunger. For this reason refraining from alcohol consumption is recommended while on diet.

Adipex, alcohol and exercise

Physical exercise is a compulsory part of combined obesity treatment involving Adipex. Adipex drug enhances exercise tolerance and decreases tiredness. Alcohol increases pressure, decreases pulse rate and affects muscle bulk growth.  Alcohol decreases testosterone level and causes fluid loss and tiredness. For this reason alcohol drinks must not be consumed before exercise.